The ConferenceCreateParameters interface gathers parameters settings for a requested conference.



Optional dolbyVoice: boolean

A boolean that indicates whether an application wishes to create a conference with Dolby Voice enabled. For more information about Dolby Voice, see the Dolby Voice article. By default, the parameter is set to true.


Optional liveRecording: boolean

A boolean that enables and disables live recording. Specify this parameter during the conference creation:

  • When set to true, the recorded file is available at the end of the call and can be downloaded immediately.
  • When set to false, the remix API must be called after the conference to generate and retrieve the recorded file.

This parameter does not start the recording; use the start method to turn it on. For more information, see the Recording Mechanisms article.


Optional rtcpMode: RTCPMode

The bitrate adaptation mode for video transmission. The parameter triggers a server to monitor the receivers’ available bandwidth. Based on the analyzed value, the server informs the video sender to automatically adjust the quality of the transmitted video streams.


Optional ttl: number

The time to live that allows customizing time after which the SDK terminates empty conferences (is seconds). The default ttl value is 0 seconds.


Optional videoCodec: Codec

The preferred video codec that is used during a conference, either H264 or VP8. By default, the SDK uses the H264 codec.

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