The ConferenceCreateParameters interface gathers parameters settings for a requested conference.



Optional dolbyVoice: boolean

A boolean that indicates whether an application wishes to create a conference with Dolby Voice enabled. For more information about Dolby Voice, see the Dolby Voice article. By default, the parameter is set to true.


Optional liveRecording: boolean

A boolean that enables and disables live recording. Specify this parameter during the conference creation:

  • When set to true, the recorded file is available at the end of the call and can be downloaded immediately.
  • When set to false, the remix API must be called after the conference to generate and retrieve the recorded file.

This parameter does not start the recording; use the start method to turn it on. For more information, see the Recording Conferences article.


Optional rtcpMode: RTCPMode

The bitrate adaptation mode for video transmission. The parameter triggers a server to monitor the receivers’ available bandwidth. Based on the analyzed value, the server informs the video sender to automatically adjust the quality of the transmitted video streams.


Optional ttl: number

The time to live defines the number of seconds a conference is kept running when empty. A minimum of 30 seconds is given when creating the conference to allow time for participants to join. The default value is 0.


Optional videoCodec: Codec

The preferred video codec that is used during a conference, either H264 or VP8. By default, the SDK uses the H264 codec.


Optional spatialAudioStyle: SpatialAudioStyle

Defines how the spatial location should be communicated between the SDK and the server.

Setting the spatial audio style is supported only on SDK 3.6 and later. The earlier SDK versions support only the individual mode.