The Stream.Rts.StatusUpdated event is sent whenever a real-time stream is started, stopped, or encountered an error.

  "conference": {
    "confId": "conferenceId_UUID",
    "confAlias": "example_conference_alias"
  "thirdPartyId": "example_thirdpartyId",
  "region": "eu",
  "eventType": "Stream.Rts.StatusUpdated",
  "streamName": "example_stream_name",
  "subscribeToken": "example_subscribe_token",
  "streamAccountID": "example_stream_accountID",
  "viewerURL": "",
  "status": "in_progress",
  "message": "Real-time Streaming has been started successfully",
  "layoutUrl": "example_layoutURL",
  "mixId": "String[customer provided mixID]",
  "height": 1080,
  "width": 1920,

The following table explains all fields of the webhook object:

Field nameObjectTypeMeaningExample
conference. confIdRootStringThe identifier of a streamed conference.3739256f-cb27-4bde-8d64-593417f93768
conference.confAliasRootStringThe alias of a streamed conference.virtual event 1
thirdPartyIdRootStringThe app key. If you implemented a common webhook listener for multiple applications, this can help you to distinguish which application is this webhook event for.XSTXp4EsAmMrcw4g==
regionRootStringThe conference creation region. The possible values are: ca: Canada, us: United States, eu: Europe, in: India, au: Australiaeu
eventTypeRootStringThe type of the webhook event.Stream.Rtmp.InProgress
streamNameRootStringThe Real-time Streaming stream name to which the conference was broadcasted. It is the same as conference ID.3739256f-cb27-4bde-8d64-593417f93768
subscribeTokenRootStringThe subscribe token, which allows viewing the broadcasted conference.cc1a843ced4ab3449
streamAccountIDRootStringThe Real-time Streaming account ID to which the conference is broadcasted.kFiDnD
viewerURLRootStringThe URL of the player, which allows users to view the broadcasted conference.-
statusRootStringThe current stream status, either in_progress, stopped, or error.in_progress
messageRootStringThe status message.-
layoutUrlRootStringThe URL of the layout used for streaming.-
mixIdRootStringThe optional identifier provided by you when you started streaming. This ID helps to identify which layout and configuration was used to generate the stream.landscape-stage
heightRootNumberThe frame height. The default value is 1080.720
widthRootNumberThe frame width. The default value is 1920.1280