The VTConferenceParameters model includes parameters that allow the application to:



audioOnly: Bool

A boolean that indicates whether the application wishes to create an audio-only conference. Setting this parameter to true results in creating a conference that does not allow participants to enable their videos.

Returns: Bool


liveRecording: Bool

Enables recording a conference using Mixer. This parameter is not needed if you wish to record audio during a Dolby Voice conference. For other conferences, specify this parameter during the conference creation if you wish to receive the recorded file immediately after the end of the call.

  • If liveRecording is set to true, the platform uses Mixer to record a conference. After the conference, the recorded file, in MP3 or MP4 format, is available for download. The recording is also available via the replay method.

  • If liveRecording is set to false, the platform uses a recording mechanism that does not use Mixer. The recorded conference is available only via the replay method.

This parameter does not start the recording; use the start method to turn it on.

For more information about Mixer and the recording types, see the Recording Conferences article.

Returns: Bool


rtcpMode: String?

The bitrate adaptation mode for the video transmission. The rtcpMode triggers the server to monitor the receivers’ available bandwidth. Based on the analyzed value, the server informs the video sender to automatically adjust the quality of the transmitted video streams.

The possible values are:

  • worst: Adjusts the transmission bitrate to the receiver who has the worst network conditions
  • average: Averages the available bandwidth of all the receivers and adjusts the transmission bitrate to this value
  • max: Does not adjust the transmission bitrate to the receiver’s bandwidth

By default, the value is set to average.

Returns: String?


ttl: NSNumber?

The time to live defines the number of seconds a conference is kept running when empty. A minimum of 30 seconds is given when creating the conference to allow time for participants to join. The default value is 0.
Returns: NSNumber?


videoCodec: String?

The preferred video codec that is used during conferences, either H264, VP8, or none. By default, the value is set to H264. Setting this parameter to none results in creating a conference that does not allow participants to enable their videos.

Returns: String?


pinCode: String?

The conference PIN code.

Returns: String?