The LocalVideo model allows enabling and disabling the local participant's video.

This model is supported only in SDK 3.7 and later.

Available in the package com.voxeet.sdk.services.video.LocalVideo.



start(): Promise<Boolean>

Enables the local participant's video and sends the video to a conference.

Rejection may be caused by the PromisePermissionRefusedEventException or MediaException.

If the application does not have a permission to start a video stream, it emits PermissionRefusedEvent.

Returns: @NonNull Promise<Boolean>


stop(): Promise<Boolean>

Disables the local participant's video and stops sending the video to a conference.

Use this method only when the current participant is at the conference. Otherwise, the application emits an exception in the catch block of the promise.

Returns: @NonNull Promise<Boolean> - The promise to resolve.