The AudioCaptureMode model allows selecting the preferred mode for capturing the local participant's audio.

This model is available in SDK 3.7 and later.

Enumeration members


Standard: = "standard"

Optimises captured audio for speech by aggressively removing non-speech content, such as background noise. This mode additionally enhances speech perceptibility to create a conversation-focused conference environment.


Music: = "music"


SDK Beta

This mode is a part of the Beta program.

Allows transmitting a high-quality audio stream with audio enhancements designed to improve the perceptual quality of music content. This mode is perfect for music lessons, virtual concerts, and music-focused webinars. We highly recommend using headphones and disabling echo cancellation while using the mode.

Due to higher levels of background noise, we do not recommend using the Music mode in conferences focused on a conversation. In the case of experiencing issues while using the mode, see the Troubleshooting guide.

This mode is available in SDK 3.8 and later and requires using the Dolby Voice Codec (DVC).


Unprocessed: = "unprocessed"

Disables audio processing to allow transmitting non-voice audio to a conference.