The AudioCaptureMode model allows selecting the preferred mode for capturing the local participant's audio.

Enumeration members


Standard: = "standard"

The default mode aimed at enhancing speech to create a conversation-focused conference environment. This mode optimizes captured audio for speech by aggressively removing non-speech content, such as background noise. The mode additionally allows using VoiceFonts. For the best experience, we recommend downloading additional SDK package files and hosting the files either on your own application server or CDN. The mode is supported in SDK 3.7 and later.


Music: = "music"

Allows transmitting a high-quality audio stream and is designed to improve the perceptual quality of music content. This mode is perfect for music lessons, virtual concerts, and music-focused webinars. As the mode allows more background noise into the conference, we do not recommend using it in conferences focused on conversation. Additionally, for the best experience, use headphones while using this mode and disable echo cancellation. The mode is supported in SDK 3.8 and later for Dolby Voice conferences and SDK 3.10 and later for non-Dolby Voice conferences.

For more information about the mode, see the Music Mode guide. In the case of experiencing issues while using the mode, see the Troubleshooting guide.


Unprocessed: = "unprocessed"

Disables audio processing and increases the quality to enable audio to be transmitted transparently into a conference. As echo cancellation is disabled in this mode in SDK 3.10 and later, we recommend using it with headphones to prevent echo.

The mode is supported in SDK 3.7 and later.