The ScreenCapturerService is designed for participants who use Android 10 or later versions. This service provides notifications in a system bar, which notify about screen share statuses. To enable the screen share option on the mentioned operating system versions, each Activity needs to be registered using onResume and unregistered using onPause or onDestroy.

We recommend adding new strings in developers' applications to make the statuses are understandable and intuitive, as in the following example:

<string name="screenshare_session_channel_name">Share Screen during a conference</string>
<string name="screenshare_session_started">A screen share session has started</string>
<string name="screenshare_session_content">You are sharing this screen</string>
<string name="screenshare_session_channel_name_description">Used for the ScreenShareService</string>


  • screenshare_session_channel_name is the channel name that appears in the system application settings
  • screenshare_session_started is the notification title
  • screenshare_session_content is the notification content
  • screenshare_session_channel_name_description is the channel description in the system application settings



register(@NonNull Activity displayed_activity): void

Registers Activity to enable a participant to share a screen.


unregisterActivity(): void

Unregisters Activity to stop sharing a screen.