Using the Dolby Voice Codec

To successfully use the Dolby Voice Codec (DVC) in conferences, make sure that you meet the following requirements:

Properly install the SDK

The Web SDK 3.7 and later downloads additional SDK package files that need to be hosted at the same location as your application. Therefore, before initializing the SDK, enable cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) by setting a response header and set the actual location of the SDK package files. A detailed instruction is available in the Initializing guide.

Create a Dolby Voice conference

The Dolby Voice Codec is only supported in Dolby Voice conferences, so you need to set the dolbyVoice parameter to true while you create a conference.

const createOptions = {
    alias: alias,
    params: {
        dolbyVoice: true,
await VoxeetSDK.conference.create(createOptions);

Select dvwc while joining a conference

The Web Client SDK allows participants to choose the preferred audio codec while joining a conference. To use DVC, participants need to set the dvwc parameter to true while joining a conference.

const joinOptions = {
  dvwc: true,
await VoxeetSDK.conference.join(conference, joinOptions); 

Use a supported browser

The Dolby Voice Codec is only supported on Chrome and Edge on desktop operating systems; on other browsers and mobile operating systems, the SDK uses Opus. Therefore, make sure that you use Chrome or Edge and a desktop operating system.