Network Requirements

For the majority of networks, there will be no issues using the Communications Client SDKs. However if you have an environment that is behind a restrictive network, use the following information to create the proper firewall whitelist configuration:

Client Network Traffic

From the client perspective, there are three types of traffic: HTTP requests, WebSocket requests, and media traffic. The following table lists the destination ports to add to your firewall whitelist:

Network Traffic TypePort / TypeDestination Domain
HTTP443 /
WebSocket443 /

region is the conference region; the possible values are:
- ca: Canada
- us: United States
- eu: Europe
- in: India
- au: Australia
Media20000-65000 / UDPOpen to all traffic

For HTTP and WebSocket requests, you can optionally whitelist * and *

Traffic to is not critical and is used for network monitoring and support.

For media traffic, you must open the ports to all traffic. If this is not possible, as an add-on feature, you can use our fixed IP pool, where we provide a list of IP addresses to whitelist on those ports. We do not provide FQDNs for our media servers.

Server Traffic

For the Communications REST APIs, you will need to whitelist TCP port 443 for and *