The VoxeetSDK is the main object that allows the application to interact with Voxeet services. The SDK is asynchronous and uses promise at its core.

The AudioService allows enabling and disabling audio for the local and remote participants.

The CommandService allows the application to send text messages or notifications to all conference participants. The service also emits an received event to inform the application about received messages.

The ConferenceService allows the application to manage the conference life-cycle and interact with the conference.

The FilePresentationService allows presenting files during a conference. The Communications APIs service converts the user-provided file into multiple pages, as images, accessible through the image method.

MediaDeviceService allows the application to manage the devices used during the conference. It allows the application to enumerate audio and video devices, select inputs for audio and video devices, and select outputs for audio devices.

The NotificationService enables inviting participants to a conference. The service also allows subscribing to and unsubscribing from notifications informing about received conference invitations, created conferences, ended conferences, participants joining conferences, and participants leaving conferences

The RecordingService allows an application to record conferences by using the start and stop
methods that turn the recording on and off.

The SessionService allows opening and closing sessions. Opening a session is mandatory before interacting with any service.

The VideoPresentationService allows sharing videos during a conference. To present a video, the conference participant needs to provide the URL that defines the video location. We recommend sharing files in the MPEG-4 Part 14 or MP4 video formats.

The VideoService allows managing the local participant's and remote participants' video streams.