The ConferenceListenOptions model defines how the application expects to join a conference using the listen method.

Available in the package



getConference(): Conference

Gets the conference.

Returns: @Nullable Conference - The conference ID or a null value.


getVideoForwardingStrategy(): VideoForwardingStrategy

Gets the video forwarding strategy that the local participant uses in the current conference. This method is available only in SDK 3.6 and later.

Returns: @NonNull VideoForwardingStrategy


getMaxVideoForwarding(): Integer

Gets the maximum number of forwarded video for the current conference.

Returns: @Nullable Integer


getAccessToken(): String

The conference access token received from the create or invite REST API. The conference access token is required to join a protected conference. For more information, see the Enhanced Conference Access Control article.

Returns: @Nullable String - The conference access token or null.


isSpatialAudio(): boolean

Gets the flag indicating whether the local participant uses spatial audio.

Returns: boolean - The spatial audio flag.