The Mixer.Service.Error event is sent when a live recording or streaming fails.

  "conference": {
    "confId": "conferenceId_UUID"
  "layoutUrl": "example_layoutUrl",
  "mixId": "String[customer provided mixID]",
  "height": 1080,
  "width": 1920,
  "thirdPartyId": "example_thirdpartyId",
  "region": "eu",
  "eventType": "Mixer.Service.Error",
  "data": [
      "level": "SEVERE",
      "message": "https://example.com/my-custom-layout-page - Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)",
      "timestamp": 1586934801156,
      "type": ""

The following table explains all fields of the webhook object:

Field nameObjectTypeMeaningExample
conference.confIdRootString in UUID formatThe identifier of the conference.a88484c6-2a47-4691-86e2-933eec80b316
layoutUrlRootStringThe custom layout URL.-
mixIdRootStringThe optional identifier provided by you when you started mixed recording with video or streaming. This ID helps to identify which layout and configuration was used to generate the mixed recording. This field is included only when the MP4 or BOTH recording format was set.landscape-stage
heightRootNumberThe frame height of the mixed video recording or streaming. The default value is 1080.720
widthRootNumberThe frame width of the mixed video recording or streaming. The default value is 1920.1280
thirdPartyIdRootStringThe app key. If you implemented a common webhook listener for multiple applications, this can help you to distinguish which application is this webhook event for.XSTXp4EsAmMrcw4g==
regionRootStringThe conference creation region. The possible values are: ca: Canada, us: United States, eu: Europe, in: India, au: Australiaeu
eventTypeRootStringThe type of the webhook event.Mixer.Service.Error
dataRootArray of objectsA list of logs that could help you investigate the issue.-
data[].levelDataStringThe error level.Severe
data[].messageDataStringThe error message.-
data[].timestampDataNumberThe timestamp of the error occurrence.1586934801156
data[].typeDataStringThe type of the requested action, either record (live recording), replay (post conference mix recording), or stream (RTMP or RTS streaming).stream