Noise Issues

The Communications APIs platform includes processing to dynamically identify and suppress noise before passing the audio into the conference. If the noise level is very high, the quality of transmitted sound may be impacted by this processing. When the noise environment changes significantly the noise reduction processing may take a few seconds to reach a new operating point. If a use case calls for all captured audio to be passed into the conference, consider joining the conference using the Unprocessed audio capture mode.

When investigating issues with noise:

  • Ensure that the microphone in use is not sitting next to a strong noise source such as a fan
  • If using a headset mounted microphone, ensure that it is not in the path of the participant's breath
  • Secure any lapel microphones to ensure they do not rub on the participant's clothing
  • Ensure that the SDK application is not joining a conference using the Unprocessed audio capture mode

If further assistance is required, please contact the Dolby support team to report an audio issue.