Audio Quality Issues

The goal of the Dolby Interactivity APIs platform is to deliver the highest quality interactive media experiences. However, there are several factors that can adversely affect the quality.

When investigating general audio quality issues:

  • Independently test the microphone quality using a sound recorder application.
  • Play audio on the headphones or speakers to independently test output quality.
  • Ensure that any Bluetooth audio devices support wideband audio.
  • Check the send/receive bitrate of audio during the call using the monitor console of your account. Note that the audio bitrate will go to zero during silence for Dolby Voice conferences.
  • Check the quality of the network connection for the conference by reviewing the packet loss and network jitter statistics in the monitor console of your account.
  • Ensure that the environmental noise and echo levels are reduced as much as possible.
  • If you use a low-power machine that struggles to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, try reducing the number of video streams and other compute-intensive features, such as DVC, Music mode, video processing, Simulcast, and Video Forwarding.
  • If you use Safari and experience problems with input audio, you can try disabling echo cancellation or using an audio capture mode other than Unprocessed.