The VTParticipant model includes information about the conference participant, such as the participant's ID, status, additional information about the participant, information about the streams that the participant uses, and information about the transmitted and received audio streams.



id: String?

The participant's ID.

Returns: String?


info: VTParticipantInfo

Information about the conference participant.

Returns: VTParticipantInfo


status: VTParticipantStatus

The participant's status.

Returns: VTParticipantStatus


streams: [MediaStream]

The participant's streams.

Returns: [MediaStream]


audioTransmitting: Bool

The participant's audio transmitting status modified using startAudio or stopAudio methods on the local participant. This property is true when the participant is transmitting audio to the conference. If this property is false then it indicates that the participant is muted into the conference.

Note: This property is available only in SDK 3.2 and next releases.

Returns: Bool


audioReceivingFrom: Bool

Identifies if the local client receives audio from the asked participant. This can be modified using startAudio or stopAudio methods.

For example, if client A calls the stopAudio method to stop receiving audio from participant B and then calls participant.audioReceivingFrom for participant B, client A receives false. This means that client A does not receive audio streams from participant B. If the participants audioTransmitting is false, then its audioReceivingFrom will also be false as the conference is unable to send down audio for a participant that is not sending their audio into the conference.

Note: This method is available only in SDK 3.2 and next releases.

Returns: Bool

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