Audio Issues in Music Mode

While using the Music mode, you can encounter a few issues that you can solve by following recommendations mentioned in this guide.

  • Music distortion: To ensure the highest quality of music and prevent possible distortion, we recommend using headphones and disabling echo cancellation.

  • Distracting background noise: To maximize the quality of music, the Music mode may introduce higher levels of background noise that may be distracting during conversation. Therefore, we recommend using the Standard mode during conferences focused on conversation. Additionally, all participants who do not plan to transmit music should also use the Standard mode to not add extra noise into a conference. These participants can still listen to high-quality music transmitted by participants who use the Music mode.

  • Audio cutting out: Music mode uses a higher bitrate and more processing power to deliver a high-quality audio experience. If a performer has a poor network connection or a low-specification machine, listeners may experience drops or delays in audio. In this situation, switch to the Unprocessed mode to let music pass into the conference.