The SessionService allows an application to register participants' information in the Voxeet service. The application needs to open a session before it can interact with the service further. The application may open and close sessions multiple times.

Typical application workflow:

1. The application opens a session using the open method.

2. The application can check state of the WebSocket by monitoring the SocketStateChangeEvent or using the istOpen method.

3. The application closes the session using the close method.

Using the SessionService the application can also check whether the specific participant is a local participant or an external participant.

Available in the package



open(@NonNull participantInfo: ParticipantInfo): Promise

Opens a new session.

Note: The external ID field in this API has been deprecated; now you can provide the external ID only when requesting a client access token. If you provide to this API an external ID that is different from the one in your client access token, it will be rejected.


participantInfoParticipantInfonon null ParticipantInfo which should contain at least one ParticipantName

Returns: @NonNull Promise - the promise to resolve.


open(): Promise

Opens a session using information from the previously closed session. It can also create a temporary "ghost" session.

Returns: @NonNull Promise - the promise to resolve.


isOpen(): boolean

Checks whether there is an open session that connects SDK with backend.

Returns: boolean - Information if a session is open.


isLocalParticipant(@NonNull participant: Participant): boolean

Checks if the specific participant is a local participant or an external participant.


participantParticipantnon null valid participant's ID

Returns: boolean - in the case of local participants, the application receives the same Voxeet IDs.


close(): Promise

Logs out from the current session.
Logging out cancels all logging processes and leaves the conference.

Returns: @NonNull Promise - the promise to resolve.


update(@Nullable name: String, @Nullable avatarUrl: String): Promise

Updates the local participant's name and avatar URL. This method is supported in SDK 3.9 and later.


nameStringnullable The preferred participant name.
avatarUrlStringnullable The preferred avatar URL.

Returns: @NonNull Promise - A promise to resolve.



Emitted when the WebSocket state has changed.

Available in the package

state (WebSocketState)

The new state of the socket.