The VideoProcessorOptions model gathers video processing settings. This model is supported only in SDK 3.11 and later. For more information about video processing, see the Video Processing guide.



Optional autoBrightness: boolean

Automatically adjusts the brightness of the local participant's video to ensure that they are clearly visible. By default, this property is disabled.


Optional autoFraming: boolean

Automatically adjusts the local participant's video frame to keep the participant within view and centered in the video frame the whole time. By default, this property is disabled.


Optional facialSmoothing: number | false

Smooths the local participant's face to improve their appearance. The property can range between 0.0 (off) and 1.0 (full), the default is false.


Optional noiseReduction: boolean

Reduces unwanted noise from the local participant's video to provide improved video quality. By default, this property is disabled.


Optional spotLight: number | false

Replicates a stage spotlight effect for the local participant to highlight the participant's face. The property can range between 0.0 (off) and 1.0 (full), and the default is false. We do not recommend using a spotlight when more than one participant is located in front of a camera.


Optional virtualBackground: false | HTMLImageElement | "bokeh" | HTMLVideoElement

Blurs the local participant's background or replaces it with a selected image or a video.

falseDisables all virtual background effects.
bokehBlurs the background.
HTMLImageElementSets the HTMLImageElement object as the background. The supported image file formats are JPG, JPEG, 24-bit PNG, and 32-bit PNG. In the case of 32-bit PNG with an alpha channel, the transparent areas are displayed as black. The image needs to be loaded before setting the background. Otherwise, the SDK triggers an error.
HTMLVideoElementSets the HTMLVideoElement object as the background. We recommend selecting a video that has a similar resolution to the participant's camera resolution and a frame rate below 30 fps. Videos must be in a format supported by HTML elements. To playback the video, you have to use the play method.