The Conference.Ended event is sent when a conference ends.

    "eventType": "Conference.Ended",
    "conference": {
        "confId": "conferenceId_UUID",
        "confAlias": "example_conference_alias"
    "thirdPartyId": "example_thirdpartyId",
    "confType": "SDK_CONF",
    "ownerId": "ownerId_UUID",
    "startTime": 1602086897206,
    "duration": 18135,
    "speakingDuration": 9097,
    "recordingDuration": 6418,
    "participants": [
            "userId": "userId_UUID_01",
            "ipAddress": "",
            "presenceDuration": 17773,
            "recvTimers": {},
            "sendTimers": {
                "VIDEO": 12425,
                "AUDIO": 15310
            "metadata": {
                "preferSendMono": "false",
                "externalName": "external_name",
                "externalPhotoUrl": "link_to_participant_photo",
                "simulcast": "false",
                "preferRecvMono": "false"
            "userId": "userId_UUID_02",
            "ipAddress": "",
            "presenceDuration": 9098,
            "recvTimers": {
                "AUDIO": 9049
            "sendTimers": {},
            "metadata": {
                "preferSendMono": "false",
                "externalName": "Mixer",
                "externalId": "Mixer_record",
                "simulcast": "false",
                "preferRecvMono": "false"
    "region": "eu",
    "recordingFormat": "both",
    "dolbyVoice": "true"

The following table explains all fields of the webhook object:

Field nameObjectTypeMeaningExample
eventTypeRootStringThe type of the webhook event.Conference.Created
conference.confIdRootString in UUID formatThe identifier of the ended conference.a88484c6-2a47-4691-86e2-933eec80b316
conference. confAliasRootStringThe alias of the ended conference.virtual event 1
thirdPartyIdRootStringThe app key. If you implemented a common webhook listener for multiple applications, this can help you to distinguish which application is this webhook event for.XSTXp4EsAMrcw4g==
confTypeRootStringThe conference type., either DEMO, REPLAY, or SDK_CONF.SDK_CONF
ownerIdRootStringThe identifier of the participant who created the conference.bfd0173f-cd60-385b-8332-53ead1749008
startTimeRootNumber in millisecondsThe start time of the conference creation, in epoch.1683139951604
durationRootNumber in millisecondsThe conference duration.18135
speakingDurationRootNumber in millisecondsThe duration of speaking in the conference.815
recordingDurationRootNumber in millisecondsThe recording duration.6418
participantsRootArray of objectsThe list of participants who were present in the conference when the conference ended.bfd0173f-cd60-385b-8332-53ead1749008
participants[]. userIdParticipantsString in UUID formatThe identifier of the conference creator.bfd0173f-cd60-385b-8332-53ead1749008
participants[]. ipAddressParticipantsStringThe last external IP used by the conference creator in the conference.
participants[]. presenceDurationParticipantsNumber in millisecondsThe sum of all participants’ presence in the conference that you can use for calculating usage.17773
participants[]. recvTimers.VIDEOParticipantsNumber in millisecondsThe time spent on receiving video during the conference.12425
participants[]. recvTimers.AUDIOParticipantsNumber in millisecondsThe time spent on receiving audio during the conference.15310
participants[]. sendTimers.VIDEOParticipantsNumber in millisecondsThe time spent on sending video during the conference.12425
participants[]. sendTimers.AUDIOParticipantsNumber in millisecondsThe time spent on sending audio during the conference.15310
participants[]. metadata. preferSendMonoParticipantsBooleanInformation whether the participant sent mono sound to the conference.false
participants[]. metadata. externalNameParticipantsStringThe external identifier of the participant.[email protected]
participants[]. metadata. externalPhotoUrlParticipantsStringThe participants' avatar URL.-
participants[]. metadata. simulcastParticipantsBooleanInformation whether the participant used Simulcast.false
participants[]. metadata. preferRecvMonoParticipantsStringInformation whether the participant received mono sound.false
regionRootStringThe conference creation region. The possible values are: ca: Canada, us: United States, eu: Europe, in: India, au: Australiaeu
recordingFormatRootStringThe selected recording format, either audio, video, or both.both
dolbyVoiceRootBooleanInformation weather Dolby Voice was enabled for the conference.true