Deprecation notice

This webhook has been deprecated. We recommend you to switch to the Recordings.Available webhook event that is emitted whenever any type of recording becomes available for download.

The Recording.MP4.Available webhook event is sent when the recorded conference in the MP4 format is ready and can be downloaded through the included URL link. The webhook event is available for Dolby Voice and non-Dolby Voice conferences:

  • Dolby Voice conferences: The webhook event includes the link to the MP4 recording.
  • Non-Dolby Voice conferences: The webhook event can include links to the MP3 and MP4 recordings, depending on the selected recording format. The BOTH recording option allows receiving links to MP3 and MP4 recordings and does not allow receiving separate recordings for selected conference participants (split recording). If the BOTH option is selected, the webhook event contains the links to both the MP3 and MP4 files separated by the | character.

Providing multiple mixId values in the recording request results in not receiving this webhook event.

Note: Due to S3 high availability replication, webhook events may experience mild latency, as it takes time to replicate across S3 servers. Files on S3 should be available within milliseconds after the webhook is sent. However, we recommend implementing a back-off retry mechanism, in the event that the file download fails. For more information, refer to this page.

  "conference": {
    "confId": "conference_identifier",
    "confAlias": "example_conference_alias"
  "layoutName": "example_layoutName",
  "layoutUrl": "example_layoutUrl",  
  "thirdPartyId": "consumer_key",
  "splits": null,
  "region": "eu",
  "duration": 67540,
  "eventType": "Recording.MP4.Available",
  "url": "url_to_recording"

The following table explains all fields of the webhook object:

Field nameObjectTypeMeaningExample
conference. confIdRootStringThe identifier of the recorded conference.3739256f-cb27-4bde-8d64-593417f93768
conference.confAliasRootStringThe alias of a recorded conference.virtual event 1
layoutNameRootStringA name for the given layout URL, which makes layout identification easier for customers especially when the layout URL is not explicit.-
layoutUrlRootStringThe layout URL for generating the mixed video recording. This field is included only when MP4 or BOTH recording format is set.-
thirdPartyIdRootStringThe app key. If you implemented a common webhook listener for multiple applications, this can help you to distinguish which application is this webhook event for.XSTXp4EsAmMrcw4g==
splitsRootArray of objectsThe list split recordings.-
regionRootStringThe recording storage region, which matches the conference's creation region. The possible values are: ca: Canada, us: United States, eu: Europe, in: India, au: Australiaeu
durationRootNumber in millisecondsDuration of the merged recording.5000, which indicates 5 seconds
eventTypeRootStringThe webhook event type.Recording.MP4.Available
urlRootStringThe pre-signed URL for retrieving the merged recording. The URL expires in 10 minutes; after this time you need to use Monitor API to download the recording.-