Restricted Countries is a global platform for developers, no matter where they reside. However, we have to respect U.S. government sanctions applied on some countries and territories. The following table lists all countries, regions, and entities that are currently restricted in some way from using Communications APIs fully.

Country / Region / EntityISOAccount creationPortal accessCommunications APIs accessTransact paymentReason
Belarusian banksN/AN/AN/AN/ANoUS sanction
ChinaCN-156YesYesNo, self blockingNo active block, requires consultationBusiness decision
CubaCU-192NoNoNoNoUS sanction
IranIR-364NoNoNoNoUS sanction
North KoreaKP-408NoNoNoNoUS sanction
RussiaRU-643NoNoYesNoBusiness decision
Russian banksN/AN/AN/AN/ANoUS sanction
SudanSD-729NoNoNoNoUS sanction
SyriaSY-760NoNoNoNoUS sanction
The United Arab EmiratesAE-784NoNoNoNoUS sanction
Ukraine - CrimeaUA-43NoNoNoNoUS sanction
Ukraine - DunbassUA-09

NoNoNoNoUS sanction
Ukraine - SevastopolUA-40NoNoNoNoUS sanction