The Recordings.Available webhook is emitted whenever any type of recording becomes available for download. This may happen either when a recording stops or when a conference ends without explicitly stopping the recording. The webhook event may contain one or more recordings, depending on the recording configuration and recording start and stop events.

    "conference": {
        "confId": "String[UUID]",
        "confAlias": "String"
    "thirdPartyId": "String",
    "eventType": "Recordings.Available",
    "createdAt": "2023-05-01T00:00:00.500Z",
    "recordings": [{
            "createdAt": "2023-05-01T00:00:00.200Z",
            "region": "String",
            "recordingType": "mix",
            "duration": "Number(milliseconds)",
            "url": "String[pre - signed url]",
            "filename": "String",
            "size": "Number(bytes)",
            "startTime": "Number(milliseconds)",
            "mediaType": "String[audio/mpeg | video/mp4] (RFC6838 compliant)",
            "mix": {
                "mixId": "String[customer provided mixID]",
                "layoutUrl" : "String[LayoutURL]",
                "height": 1080,
                "width":  1920

The following table explains all fields of the webhook object:

Field nameObjectMandatoryTypeMeaningExample
conference. confIdRootMandatoryString in UUID formatThe identifier of the recorded conference.a88484c6-2a47-4691-86e2-933eec80b316
conference. confAliasRootMandatoryStringThe alias of the recorded conference.virtual event 1
thirdPartyIdRootMandatoryStringThe app key. If you implemented a common webhook listener for multiple applications, this can help you to distinguish which application is this webhook event for.XSTXp4EsAmw4g==
eventTypeRootMandatoryStringThe type of the webhook event.Recordings.Available
createdAtRootMandatoryString, ISO 8601 UTC date timeThe timestamp when the recording file download URL was created.2023-05-01T00:00:00. 100Z
recordingsRootMandatoryArray of recording objectsThe array of recording objects.-
recordings[]. createdAtRecordingsMandatoryString, ISO 8601 UTC date timeThe timestamp when the recording file download URL was created.2023-05-01T00:00:00. 100Z
recordings[]. regionRecordingsMandatoryStringThe recording storage region, which matches the conference's creation region. The possible values are: ca: Canada, us: United States, eu: Europe, in: India, au: Australiaeu
recordings[]. recordingTypeRecordingsMandatoryStringThe type of recording, where mix indicates each separate mixed recording and mix_aggregated indicates an aggregated recording that merges all recordings into one file.mix
recordings[]. durationRecordingsMandatoryNumber in millisecondsThe duration of the recording.5000, which indicates 5 seconds
recordings[]. urlRecordingsMandatoryStringThe pre-signed URL for retrieving the recording. The URL expires in 10 minutes; after this time you need to use Monitor API to download the recording.
recordings[]. filenameRecordingsMandatoryStringThe name of the recording file.-
recordings[]. sizeRecordingsMandatoryNumber (Integer)The size, in bytes, of the recording file.-
recordings[]. startTimeRecordingsMandatoryNumber in millisecondsThe start time of the recording, in epoch.1683139951604
recordings[]. mediaTypeRecordingsMandatoryStringThe RFC6838 compliant media type, can be either audio/mpeg or video/
recordings[]. mixRecordingsMandatory for mixed video recording objectsObjectThe object that contains mixed recording details.-
recordings[]. mix.mixIdMixOptionalStringThe optional identifier provided by you when you started mixed recording with video. This ID helps to identify which layout and configuration was used to generate the mixed recording.mix-mobile-layout
recordings[]. mix.layoutUrlMixMandatory for mixed video recording objectsStringThe layout URL for generating the mixed video recording. If you want to use the default layout, provide the default mixer layout app URL.
recordings[]. mix.heightMixMandatory for mixed video recording objectsStringThe mixed video recording frame height. The default value is 1080.1080
recordings[]. mix.widthMixMandatory for mixed video recording objectsStringThe mixed video recording frame width. The default value is 1920.1920