Product End-of-Life

We notify customers at least 12 months before deprecating an SDK or a plugin through multiple channels, including email notifications, documentation, and announcements on our website. Throughout the deprecation period, we continue to offer technical support to our customers who still use the deprecated product, including bug fixes, security updates, and providing guidance on migration to alternative solutions. To facilitate smooth migration, we provide documentation to help seamlessly adopt the recommended alternatives.

After the 12-months deprecation period, the product is no longer available to use and we discontinue active support, bug fixes, and security updates. We also remove the product documentation. Any applications that continue to use the deprecated product may experience compatibility issues or breakage.

The following table lists products that are currently deprecated:

Product name Deprecation date End of Support (+12 Months) Comments
Desktop SDK 28-05-2023 28-05-2024 For building native desktop applications, we recommend using the vanilla Electron framework with the latest Web Client SDK.