Developer Tools

To aid with your development projects you may find some of these tools helpful.


The developer dashboard provides some important details to help gain insight into your applications.

This is where you can find:

  • A client access token for testing, running demo apps, or quickly getting started without building an authentication server.
  • App key and App secret that are used for authentication
  • Usage summary of conferences hosted and minutes consumed
  • Settings to configure a mixer layout, recording file formats, and webhooks
  • Test interface to quickly join a conference and verify functionality
  • Monitor section to search for past conferences and learn details about the settings and participants in that session

Client Access Token

The developer dashboard lets you generate a client access token for trial use. The token expires after 12 hours.

To generate a client access token:

1. Log into the dashboard.

2. Navigate to Applications and click on API keys.

3. Click on Copy to copy and use the client access token.

4. Alternately, click on the refresh icon to refresh the client access token.

Reference Applications

The Communications APIs provide a few reference applications, which give you a place to start with your own implementation.

The Communications API Web Showcase App

This application is a fully featured web conferencing client. You clone the repository to setup back-end services to handle authentication and participant data flow. You can find additional instructions for how to set it up as well as the source-code in the GitHub repository:


The UIKit for React allows you to quickly embed video call components directly into your application.

You clone or fork the GitHub repository and can begin editing the source-code to customize for your preferred look and feel. You can find the source-code and additional instructions from the GitHub repository:

For an example of an application created using this UIKit, see the Video Call Kickstart App. Call Tester

The pre-call tester can help you check client readiness for connecting to the Communications APIs platform. The tool provides details for checking network connectivity, device support, and bandwidth for audio and video traffic.

You can find the source-code and instructions for setting this up in the GitHub repository:

SDK Code Samples

The source code for each platform can be found on GitHub for a simple project using the client SDKs. See the Getting Started section for more explanation on how to use these samples.