Using Recording Capabilities

The following examples demonstrate how to use the recording capabilities of the most recent version of the Communications SDK for Web.

Get the status of the recording

When joining a conference, or at anytime while in a conference, it is possible to get the status of the recording, if it started or not, by querying the current property.

if (VoxeetSDK.recording.current) {
    const participantId = VoxeetSDK.recording.current.participantId;
    const participant = VoxeetSDK.conference.participants.get(participantId);
    const startTimestamp = VoxeetSDK.recording.current.startTimestamp;
    console.log(`The recording was started by ${} at ${startTimestamp}`);
} else {
    console.log('The recording is not started.');

Start a recording

await VoxeetSDK.recording.start();

Stop a recording

await VoxeetSDK.recording.stop();

Be informed when the conference is being recorded or if the recording is stopped

The event statusUpdated is triggered when conference recording is started or stopped. It is possible to subscribe to the event and trigger a UI change, such as displaying the a red circle to indicate that a recording is in progress.

VoxeetSDK.recording.on("statusUpdated", (isRecording, recording) => {
    // Update the UI