Deprecation notice Communications SDK for Desktop has been deprecated. For building native desktop applications, we recommend using the vanilla Electron framework with the latest Web Client SDK.



This model is supported only on the Desktop SDK. If you wish to change the local participant's background using the Web SDK, call the start or setProcessor method.

The VideoFilter model represents the possible video filters that allow blurring or changing the local participant's background. The video filters are available only for the Communications SDK for Desktop users.

Enumeration members


Bokeh: = "bokeh"

Blurs the local participant's background.


await VoxeetSDK.videoFilters.setFilter(VideoFilter.Bokeh);


None: = "none"

Disables the applied video filter. This setting does not disable video denoising; you can still use video denoising when VideoFilter is set to None.


await VoxeetSDK.videoFilters.setFilter(VideoFilter.None);


StaticImage: = "staticimage"

Replaces the local participant's background with the selected static image. The StaticImage filter supports the following image formats:

  • Windows bitmaps: BMP and DIB
  • JPEG files: JPEG, JPG, and JPE
  • Portable Network Graphics: PNG


await VoxeetSDK.videoFilters.setFilter(VideoFilter.StaticImage, {imageFile: fileObject});