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The Participant.Left event is sent when a participant leaves a conference. The event includes a reason for leaving. The possible values are:

  • hangUp when a participant uses the leave method
  • timeoutEviction when the service evicts a participant from a conference due to lack of any activity for more than 15 seconds, for example in case of the connection error
  • forced when the service evicts a participant who has not used the left method before the end of the conference.
  "eventType": "Participant.Left",
  "conference": {
    "confId": "conferenceId_UUID",
    "confAlias": "example_conference_alias"
  "thirdPartyId": "example_thirdpartyId",
  "region": "eu",
  "participant": {
    "userId": "userId_UUID"
    "externalId": "example_externalId"
    "externalName": "example_externalName",
    "externalPhotoUrl": "example_externalPhotoUrl"
  "reason": "reason"

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