Guide to Capturing Streaming Content

To broadcast content, you either need a physical camera capturing the content, a virtual camera from a game engine, or a source of content available via other content creation tools such as OBS or Adobe Premiere.

Many devices are able to capture a compatible media stream encoding that is ready for broadcast;

SDI & HDMI, Serial Digital Interface (SDI) and High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connections are common across many professional capture devices

NDI, Network Device Interface, is a free protocol for Video over IP that is supported by video mixers, capture cards, and other devices

RTSP, Real-time Streaming Protocol, is commonly supported in media streaming servers that capture and process video and audio feeds

In facilitating efficient and reliable transmission of multimedia content over networks, CDN ingests streams in WebRTC, RTMP and RTMPs, and SRT.

Check with your specific hardware provider for direct support of WebRTC or one of these common device interfaces.

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Capture streaming content

To begin real-time streaming, you will need to capture a live video feed from a physical or virtual camera.

Physical cameras

Any physical camera that supports standard interfaces like SDI, HDMI, NDI or RTSP can be used as a capture device. Below you'll find guides for some of the more common hardware devices being used to stream content.

Getting Started with Web Capture
The Millicast Web SDK enables many popular web browsers to capture a video feed from a built-in camera or webcam that is connected to a computer system such as a Mac, Windows PC, or Linux desktop.

How-to Stream from DJI Drones
DJI creates a number of devices such as the Phantom or Mavic that let you stream directly from the drone to with RTMP.

How-to Stream from a GoPro
GoPro is a leading device used for capturing action footage. The latest cameras allow you to stream direct from the device to with RTMP.

Virtual cameras

How-to use NDI® Tools
NDI® Tools is a free suite of applications that makes it possible to connect to a remote IP camera device and capture video that can be sent for broadcasting.

How-to Stream Your Screenshare
Screen capture allows sharing the contents of a window, application, or entire computer display.

How-to use OBS with WebRTC
Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is free and open source software is popular for cross-platform streaming. You will need to download a custom version of OBS that has been extended to provide WebRTC support.

Game engines

How-to Stream from a Unity Virtual Camera
Unity is a popular cross-platform game engine that supports game developers to build desktop, mobile, console, and virtual reality experiences. The virtual camera within the game engine can be used as a streaming source.

How-to Stream from an Unreal Engine Virtual Camera
Unreal Engine from Epic Games is a 3D computer graphics game engine used for creating photoreal visuals and immersive experiences. The virtual camera within the game engine can be used as a streaming source.

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