Flowcaster using WHIP

Using Flowcaster to stream WebRTC to Dolby.io Real-time Streaming using WHIP

WHIP using Flowcaster

FlowCaster lets you keep your creative software and media in your facility or cloud, while allowing your editors and artists working remotely, to get the pixel perfect display they need, to create their magic on mobile devices and through the web browser. Flowcaster makes it simple to use Dolby.io Real-time Streaming and the WHIP (WebRTC HTTP Ingest Protocol) with no additional client software or hardware needed.

The WebRTC-HTTP ingest protocol (WHIP) uses an HTTP POST request to perform a single shot SDP offer/answer so an ICE/DTLS session can be established between the Flowcaster encoder/media producer (WHIP client) and the Dolby.io Real-time Streaming broadcasting ingestion endpoint (media server).




Create a token in your Millicast dashboard. You will need the stream name and token for the stream label.
Example: kwky3g6g?auth=48ce3daa09cd8355f80fc0d37005f9422a62bebf9b6411b61cfb1cfb2fa

Open FlowCaster and select the Config tab. You will need the following string placed in the URL based on your stream name and token.
URL: director.millicast.com/api/whip/kwky3g6g?auth=48ce3daa09cd8355f80fc0d37005f9422a62bebf9b6411b61cfb1cfb2fa

Update the following settings as shown.


Settings can be adjusted as needed. For this simple test we will select the input as our desktop.
FlowCaster can be used with many different input devices such as NIC IP video, AJA encoders, BlackMagic, Blue Fish, Ultrascope, Matrox, Direct Show, and NDI.


Select Enable on FlowCaster and open the Millicast viewer link: https://viewer.millicast.com/?streamId=TmJiwk/kwky3g6g


In this image you can see the Flow tab on the left side of the screen with your local stream, and on the Millicast viewer stream on the right with the media statistics window open. The RTT (round trip time) is 22ms in this example.

Flowcaster is a perfect tool for video and audio professionals to use with their favorite NLEs and media editing tools, including:

FlowCaster with Avid Media Composer

FlowCaster with Adobe (Premiere, After Effects)


Below is a video showing the complete workflow to connect Flowcaster to the Dolby.io Real-time Streaming service using WebRTC and WHIP: