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Broadcasting a Zoom meeting with Millicast

If you have a Zoom paid account, you can ingest your Zoom meetings into Dolby.io Real-time Streaming via RTMP so you can broadcast it massively in almost real time. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Start the webinar as usual by doing one of the following:

    • From your calendar — if you have added the webinar to your calendar, click the link displayed on your calendar reminder.
    • From the Zoom website — sign into Zoom, find the webinar in the My Webinars tab and click Start.
  2. Click the More button on your control panel.

  1. Choose Live on Custom Live Stream Service. A browser window will open to show the progress as Zoom prepares the live stream of your webinar. If you haven’t set up this webinar for live custom streaming, you should simply enter the values provided in the instructions.
  1. Enter your Dolby.io Real-time Streaming RTMP publishing paths. If you have not set up a stream label you can review Using RTMP and RTMPS with Dolby.io Real-time Streaming.

Zoom field

Example value

Stream URL


Stream key


Live stream page URL


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