The Native SDK provides C++ APIs for desktop platforms, such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. You may use the SDK in your project to connect, capture, publish, or subscribe to streams using the Streaming Platform.


  • Sign up for a free account.
  • Make sure that you have a working video camera and microphone.
  • On Mac, make sure that you use macOS Catalina or later.
  • On Windows, make sure that you use Windows 10 or later and Visual Studio 2022.
  • On Linux, make sure that you have the designated Linux operating system for the package.


The following packages are available in for desktop operating systems:

PlatformPackage name
Ubuntu GNU libstdc++ librarymillicast-native-sdk-version-ubuntu22-x64-gnu-std.deb
Ubuntu GNU libstdc++ librarymillicast-native-sdk-version-ubuntu20-x64-gnu-std.deb
Ubuntu LLVM libc++ librarymillicast-native-sdk-version-ubuntu22-x64-llvm-std.deb
Ubuntu LLVM libc++ librarymillicast-native-sdk-version-ubuntu20-x64-llvm-std.deb
Debian11 arm-v8a GNU libstdc++ librarymillicast-native-sdk-version-debian11-armv8a-nox11-nopulse-gnu-std.deb