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DJI Drone Live Streaming to Real-time Streaming

Live stream to Real-time Streaming from a DJI Phantom, DJI Mavic or any drone that supports RTMP streaming. If your drone is not a DJI but supports RTMP this article can also help you live stream your live drone footage to Real-time Streaming for delivery via WebRTC to viewers in under a second anywhere in the world.


With any live stream a good stable internet connection is required. Many areas now support 5G allowing a solid stable connection to your mobile device and DJI application.

Live Stream Set Up.

This example is using a DJI Mavic Mini and can apply to any drone using RTMP. DJI is a market leader with drones and consistently get good marks on all of the points above and is an option to consider when you need something that just works. The drone footage can also be stored in your Real-time Streaming recording archive as long as you have a paid account.

Please note any safety issues and regulations pertaining to your drone.

  1. Start up the drone and the controller.
  2. Start you DJI drone application. This can have differences depending on the app and version.
  3. Select the 3 dots on the upper right.
  1. Select Transmission Tab.
  1. Select RTMP
  1. Enter Your Real-time Streaming RTMP URL with Stream and Token You can open your dashboard from any device to add it to your clipboard. This will allow you to paste the path in quickly.

Example RTMP Address: rtmp://

  1. Select your Resolution and Bitrate. This may be lower on iOS devices. You can then hit the start button to begin your live stream.

The RTMP address will be saved for future flights.


After a countdown, you will see your live stream icon as active on the top.



You can now share your viewer link provided from your developer portal under the API tab.


With a paid account and enabling the record feature on your token your drone footage will be saved to your Real-time Streaming archive.