Media Stats

Diagnosing Performance from the Live Broadcast and Hosted Viewer

Both the Live Broadcaster and Hosted Viewer provide a Media Stats option to open a modal overlay during broadcast or playback that displays information that can be helpful in judging the performance or diagnosing issues when troubleshooting.

  • Current RTT: round trip time in milliseconds for sending and receiving the stream
  • Available Outgoing Bitrate: detected capacity of the network that is available for a broadcast
  • Candidate Type
  • Video Resolution: width and height of the video frame
  • Quality Limitation Reason: message if quality is being degraded
  • FPS (Calculated): frames per second
  • Video Bitrate: video kb per second
  • Audio Bitrate: audio kb per second
  • Video Total Sent: sum data transfer for the bandwidth attributed to the video stream
  • Audio Total Sent: sum data transfer for the bandwidth attributed to the audio stream
  • Codecs: the audio and video codecs used by the broadcaster
  • Timestamp: the UTC time for the broadcast
  • Server: this can be provided to our support team as an aid to troubleshooting network issues
  • Cluster: the data center being used for the broadcast origin. See Cluster Regions for more details on this data


Active Broadcast

The Media Stats are only available during an active broadcast.


An example of what values from a broadcast might report.