Using a Poster Image on your player

Getting Started

You have already created a stream label and ready to live stream your event. You can also follow the guide here if you have not already set up your publishing stream. You can easily share your viewer link but would like to have it embedded on your own site.

  1. Select the Customize Player button from the API tab for the stream label you would like to add the image to.

You can also select the share link in the updated Millicast web publisher to also customize the player.

  1. You can add the image to the the URL field. Make sure your image link is https compliant.

You will also have additional options that can also be set to the player at this time. These features will include.

  • Auto Play
  • Muted on start
  • Play Button Show
  • Volume Button
  • Fullscreen Button
  • Picture in Picture Button
  • Google Cast Button
  • Live Badge
  • User Count
  • Hide all Controls


You have set the custom options you would like to use and now your source link and hosted viewer iframe had been updated. The image below is sample of the possibilities.