Stream Preview

When having a stream, it is possible to set up a loading screen before your event goes live. Having a stream-loading screen is a valuable asset as it serves as a polished introduction to the streaming experience, presenting a seamless and professional image to viewers. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a Stream preview maintains the audience's engagement during critical moments, as it can serve to provide a buffer for brief technical adjustments or seamless transitions between scenes.

How to add a stream preview to your event


Getting Started

If you haven't already, begin by following the Getting Started tutorial to create a application and start your first broadcast. You'll need your publish token and stream name for the steps described below.

Open up the management screen of your stream token and visit the Playback tab. To the right on the Hosted player path, there will be a space for an Offline image URL. Here place the image's link with an HTTP-compliant URL.

Additionally, this feature can be accessed from inside the Broadcaster via the share icon. Under the Hosted Player iFrame URL, click on the Customize button, where a new window will show up with options to customize the player settings.

To ensure the image has been correctly added to the live stream, visit the Hosted player path URL, and you should see the image displayed as the stream is not live.

This is not the only customizable setting available for your event. The following are available to be enabled:

Auto Play

Autoplay is a feature that automatically plays media content, such as videos or music, without requiring the user to initiate each play action manually.

Muted on Start

The stream initiates playback without audio when first loaded or displayed.

Play Button Show

The start button can be erased from the player from the viewer's perspective.

Volume Button

The volume button can be erased from the player from the viewer's perspective.

Fullscreen Button

The fullscreen button can be disabled during the live stream.

Picture in Picture Button

The option of picture-in-picture can be disabled for the viewers.

Google Cast Button

The option of casting to the TV through Google Cast can be enabled or disabled.

Live Badge

A live badge can be eliminated from the player from the viewer's perspective.

User Count

An overall count of the total viewers on the stream can be enabled/disabled.


The settings icon can be voided from the viewer's screen disabling their ability to view the Media Stats or Report Playback Issues.

Start in Multiview Mode

This feature will automatically start the stream with the viewer's perspective being the multiview layout if the stream has been set up as such.

Hide Labels

This will hide all logos or labels during the livestream.

Hide all Controls

This feature will hide all options from the viewer's perspective.

Learn more

Learn more by exploring the developer blog and code samples.