You can enable screensharing from a browser as part of the broadcast. If you want to enable screen sharing and share your webcam at the same time, you must enable multisource since you are broadcasting multiple streams. Alternately, you can share your screen using OBS.

For a detailed walkthrough of enabling screenshare and deliver the screenshare to a WebRTC live stream, see the How to Screen Capture for Streaming in Javascript blog post.

Screensharing from a web browser

You can screenshare from a browser using the Web SDK. For more information on enabling this using the client SDK, see this article.

For screen sharing browser support see this article on Browser Compatibility for Media Devices.

Screensharing using OBS

To screenshare using OBS, you can download our WebRTC-enabled OBS fork by following the instructions in this guide. Once downloaded you can screen share by adding a display capture media source.