Multi-region Support

The Real-Time Streaming APIs currently operate in the following regions:

  • ams-1: Amsterdam
  • blr-1: Bangalore
  • nyc-1: New York City
  • do-sfo-legacy: San Francisco
  • sgp-1: Singapore

Selecting the region that is closest to the publisher's location may improve latency and quality.

Setting the regional cluster in the dashboard

You can set the regional cluster that will be used for streaming in the Advanced Settings modal of the Token Settings page:


By default, this setting is configured to use the default regional cluster set for the account. If Auto is selected, the regional cluster is selected based on the publisher's location. For more information, see Managing Your Tokens.

NOTE: RTMP and SRT are currently not supported with the Auto selection.

REST API region query and selection

You can use the Read Clusters REST API to query the available regions. You can also set the region for a specific publisher token when creating a token using the originCluster parameter of the Create Token REST API. In general, if you want to set the default regional cluster used for your account you can set the cluster using the Update Cluster REST API.