Objective C SDK

  • The Millicast Objective C SDK can be used in an iOS project to connect, capture, publish/subscribe to/from the Millicast Platform.
  • Requires iOS 14.5 or later.
  • This SDK is available for both iOS and tvOS, for device and simulator.
  • Get the SDK here.
  • Documentation.
  • For usage instructions, please refer to the Sample App readme and the documentation


You can add MillicastSDK as a dependency of your project using CocoaPods package manager.

First, install CocoaPods if that is not already the case.
Then, in a terminal, go at the root of your XCode project.
Type pod init. This will create a Podfile.
Open this podfile in a text editor and add the MillicastSDK as a dependency.
This should look like this :

target 'MyProject' do
  platform :ios, '14.5'
  # Comment the next line if you don't want to use dynamic frameworks
  pod 'MillicastSDK' => '1.1.2'
  # Pods for MyProject iOS

Go back to your terminal, and type pod install to install the SDK.
This will download and install all the dependencies needed and create a .xcworkspace. From now, use this .xcworkspace to use your project instead of your .xcodeproj.

If you want to update the SDK to a newer version, just update the version in the podfile and type pod update.

Swift Package Manager

You can add the Millicast SDK as a dependency of your project using the Swift Package Manager.

Go in your project settings in Xcode.
Go to the Package Dependencies tab and click on the "+" icon to add a new dependency.
In the line edit, enter the following package URL : https://github.com/millicast/millicast-sdk-swift-package
You should see the package appear. Choose the version you want to use and click on add package.
Then you can start developing your app using the Millicast native SDK.

Swift Sample App