Software Encoders

Software-based Encoders for Broadcasting Real-time Streaming Content

A software encoder can take raw video frames and convert it into a digital format that is compatible for distribution with This type of integration can typically be done without additional hardware requirements and eases adoption of real-time streaming workflows.

Integration Guides

Review these guides for how to setup your preferred tools for real-time streaming integrations.

Drastic Technologies

FlowCaster from Drastic Technologies lets you share high quality video over IP for remote collaboration and review workflows. This tool supports broadcasting with WHIP.

How-to integrate with Flowcaster


FFmpeg is a free open-source software project with command-line tools for handling video, audio, and other multimedia. The ffmpeg command-line tool can be used to forward streams with RTMP. This can be helpful for quickly streaming a media file from disk.

How-to integrate with FFmpeg


GStreamer is a free open-source software project and multimedia framework to build media processing pipelines. The tools can be used to ingest streams with WHIP. This can be helpful for complex workflows that operate on media streams.

How-to integrate with GStreamer

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

OBS is a free open-source application for broadcasting and recording streams from your desktop computer. It supports broadcasting with WebRTC, SRT, and RTMP to support many different use cases.

How-to integrate with OBS


LiveU Studio is a cloud production tool for live video feeds. It supports WHIP.

How-to integrate with LiveU Studio


vMix is a Windows desktop applicationi that provides a vision mixer and encoder. You can use this tool as both a RTMP or NDI source.

How-to integrate with vMix


Zoom is a video collaboration platform. The application supports streaming use cases with RTMP which allows you to distribute your meeting with Real-time Streaming.

How-to integrate with Zoom Meetings

Learn more

You can find examples of using Avid Media Composer, OBS, and more on the developer blog.