React Real-time Streaming SDK for React Sample Apps

Publisher and Viewer Sample App for React


Millicast Publisher


Millicast Viewer

The application available in this repository demonstrates the capabilities of's Real-time Streaming solution for browser applications, built using React.

This repository demonstrates how to develop an app that showcases the capabilities of's Real-time Streaming SDK and how it can be used to design solutions that require ultra low-latency (sub 500ms). If you run into problems, the full Real-time Streaming SDK for JavaScript documentation can be found here.

The application provided allows you to evaluate solutions offered by Real-time Streaming APIs. You can clone the repository yourself, run the application locally and verify that it meets your requirements. Learn more about’s Real-time Streaming capabilities here.

Its scope covers:

  • Publishing and viewing streams
  • Inviting viewers to watch your stream
  • Muting audio and video both as publisher and viewer
  • Screen sharing
  • Publishing with simulcast (only on Chrome)
  • Microphone and camera device selection
  • Resolution, bandwidth, codec, and bitrate selection
  • Observing stream statistics

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