GoPro Live Streaming to Real-time Streaming

Using GoPro to live stream to Real-time Streaming

GoPro is the world leader in action cameras. With the latest GoPro cameras you can achieve sub-second latency by streaming RTMP from your GoPro directly to Real-time Streaming for delivery via WebRTC.

GoPro also has the option to be used as a Webcam. With this option you can use GoPro for sub second live streaming using Real-time Streaming web based broadcaster or OBS WebRTC.

This guide will walk you through GoPro's streaming options with Real-time Streaming. But you can use the same settings for other action cams that have the ability to stream live using RTMP.

Getting Started

If you do not have a account you can create one here.

Live Streaming RTMP Option

Once you have created your account you will want to follow the Using RTMP and RTMPS guide.

You will need your stream name and token information provided in the developer portal. If you are on your mobile device you can view and copy this information directly from your dashboard API.

Connect to your GoPro from your mobile device with their Quik App.

  1. Select > Set Up Live
  1. Select>RTMP.
  1. Copy and Paste your RTMP Path with stream name and token as shown.
    Example: rtmp://
  1. Select the Set up Live Stream

Once your live stream has started you will see your signal strength and bit rate.


You can now select the hosted viewer from the API tab in your developer portal to view your live stream.

Live Streaming with GoPro Web Cam.

You will need the GoPro utility download found here. Documentation and features can also be found on the GoPro web site.

Once you have installed the GoPro web cam utility and enabled your camera you will see this option on the Millicast publisher.


If you are using OBS you can also add GoPro as a media source.


Currently the max resolution is 1080p for live streaming using the web publisher and OBS.