Starting Recording

You can keep a recording of a full broadcast and download it to share or provide as video on demand. The recording will be made available shortly after the end of a broadcast. If you want a recording of a live event in progress, you should learn more about Live Clipping feature.

Recording can be started when using the Dashboard, Client SDKs, or third-party applications such as OBS. These approaches are described below.

Recording from the dashboard


Getting Started

If you haven't already, begin by following the Getting Started tutorial to create a application and start your first broadcast. You'll need your publish token and stream name for the steps described below.

  1. Enable recording on a publish token by clicking Record broadcast when creating a new token.

You can also update your existing publish token by enabling the Record option from the Settings section of Token details.


Updating Token Settings

The recording property cannot be updated while the token is being used in a live broadcast; you must stop broadcasting to update it.

  1. Go into the Live broadcast dashboard and click the Broadcast button. Once the record feature is active, a red Record indicator will show up next to the Start button. Clicking the Broadcast button before starting streaming results in recording the stream prior to beginning the stream.
  2. Click the Start button to begin broadcasting with recording enabled.
  1. Record the broadcast for at least 10 seconds.
  2. Click the Stop button to stop the feed. Once you've stopped, close the broadcaster interface. This will return you to the tokens page on the Live broadcast page.
  3. Revisit the publish token's management screen used for this stream and enter into the Recordings tab to access all recording files.

Recording from OBS

You can record your broadcasts if you are using 3rd party applications, such as OBS or your own custom broadcaster application. If you have not broadcasted to Real-time Streaming from OBS, please read the Using OBS page to enable your first broadcast with the software.

  1. Set up OBS by visiting the Settings button to add the token information required.
  1. Go back to the main page and click the Start Recording button under Start Streaming to start recording your screen.
  2. Record the broadcast for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Click the Stop Recording button. Recordings are available only in your local video or movie folder.

Recording using Client SDKs

To start recording a stream using any Client SDK, enable recording in your publish token in the dashboard and set an optional recording parameter to true in publisher options, as in the following examples:

millicast::Publisher::Option options;
options.record_stream = true;
// Wait for the on_connected callback
Publisher.Option publisherOption = new Publisher.Option();
publisherOption.recordStream = true;
// Wait for the onConnected callback
let publisherOptions = MCClientOptions()
publisherOptions.recordStream = true
// Wait for the onConnected callback
publisher!.publish(with: publisherOptions)
const publishOptions = {
  // Other preferred options
  record: true,

// Start publishing a stream
try {
  await publisher.connect(publishOptions);
} catch (e) {
  console.error('Connection failed, handle error', e);