Haivision KB encoder

Using Haivision KB encoder with Dolby.io Real-time Streaming RTMP

Using Haivision KB encoder with Dolby.io Real-time Streaming


Haivision provides professional broadcasting equipment to the streaming industry The KB series of H.264 & HEVC Internet Media Encoders and Transcoders deliver high-quality video streaming for resolutions up to 4K, available as small form factor portable appliances as well as rack mountable enterprise-grade servers. The KB Series provides you with multiple options for live event streaming, helping you deliver the highest quality live video to your global internet audience.

Getting started

If you do not have a Dolby.io account you can create one here.
Once you have created your Dolby.io account you will want to follow the Using RTMP and RTMPS guide.

You will need your stream name and token information provided in the Dolby.io developer portal.

Enter your KB web interface.
From the Channel Control Center, create a new channel.
Follow the Create Channel Wizard prompts to create a channel as normal:

Step 1: Enter the desired channel name.
Step 2: Identify your live source for the channel input.
Step 3: Choose RTMP for the channel output.
RTMP URL: rtmp://live-rtmp-pub.millicast.com:1935/v2/pub/
Step 4: Enter the stream name with your stream key from your Dolby.io developer portal.
Stream Name: kzayzzz?token=9d74883d694198da51e3be52630eab03ac9b7c16a21b4befc8ee05sssd9d1b8

Recommended Haivision encoder settings

Here’s the adjustments our customer made based on recommendations from Haivision support:

  • Input settings, change the Timestamps from System Time to Zero Based. The timestamp seeding seemed to be the magic change on the KBs.
  • Video Encoder settings, in the Settings tab, change the Framing from IBBP to IP.
  • Advanced tab, change the Codec Preset to Baseline.
  • GOP in Fixed Mode with a 2000ms value.
  • Entropy coding mode to CABAC.
  • Recommended bitrate 4,000 @ 720p.