Record Real-time Streams for Archival or Future Video on Demand Playback

Recording enables you to capture the live stream for future playback with an option to store and download the media file. When you record your live broadcasts, the recorded files are automatically processed and saved for you.


Recording availability and pricing

Recording is not available for free accounts. To record streams, upgrade your account to one of our plans from the Dashboard. There are storage fees for video recording based on the number of hours a GB of data is stored. See the Pricing section for more details.

When recording a stream, the resolution and bitrate of the recording matches the resolution and bitrate of the broadcasted stream that may shift around during broadcast due to network conditions. The video codec used during streaming is reflected in the archived video file.

Video codecMedia container
VP8, VP9, AV1WebM

When using multisource streams, you can record each source as an independent video file. If you want a video that combines all of the sources as a single layout, you need to handle the mixing with another tool.

The maximum length of a recorded file is 12 hours. For continuous recording of streams, recording is restarted and a new file is created every 12 hours.

For more information see the following documents:

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