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Real-time streaming enables broadcasters to engage with audiences by providing a small window of delay between content as it is captured and as it is delivered to the viewer. Features such as bidding for auctions, betting for sports, and fan engagement for live events can all happen in real time at scale.

Add In-App Chat with PubNub
PubNub provides solutions to help developers build and manage real-time interactivity with features like in-app chat and live user engagement.

Add Graphics and Interactive Features with provides cloud-managed graphics that can be rendered on the broadcast side or on the client side to allow for user engagement and interaction with the stream.

Add Monetization into your Stream and Change the Way Streamers Interact
Combining Maestro's robust video monetization and interactivity features with's real-time streaming technology enhances viewers' experiences enabling more lifelike interactions, ultimately revolutionizing the landscape of interactive live streaming for increased engagement and revenue opportunities.

Add Webinar Functionality with Communications Communications provides video and audio chat solutions that integrate with Real-time Streaming to create scalable real-time conferencing and webinar applications. With communications, you can add Multi-party voice and video calls to your streaming experience.

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