Broadcasting with Teradek to Dolby.io Real-time Streaming

About Teredak

Teradek offers professional high end video equipment and solutions to create and share your content. Set up your livestream from Teredak and publish to Dolby.io Real-time Streaming using RTMP, RTMPS or NDI.

The guide will walk you through the Teradek VidiU Go. Most Teradek products offer custom RTMP/RTMPS and this guide can be used with many of their products.

Set Up Your VidiU

Open your Vidiu or Teradek app on your mobile device. From your Dolby.io dashboard you will need your RTMP publishing paths. The Dolby.io dashboard can be accessed from your mobile device to copy and paste the server and stream name with token as needed.

  • From your VidiU app on your mobile device select>device>settings>broadcast>platform.
  • Select FRTMP(S) at the bottom of the menu.
  • Set new Destination
  • Enter your Dolby.io Real-time Streaming RTMP or RTMPS paths.
  • RTMP: rtmp://live-rtmp-pub.millicast.com:1935/v2/pub/
  • RTMPS: rtmps://live-rtmp-pub.millicast.com/v2/pub/
  • StreamName: kwayjfek?token=9d74883d694198da51e3be52631111111222222222233333

That is all that is needed as the token is your authentication.


You are ready to start your broadcast. The stream can be started from the app or the red button on the Vidiu. You can additionally set the quality of your stream based on your available bandwidth.
The video below is using the highest quality settings available on the Vidiu Go and uses a WiFi connection.



Teradek Wave Set Up

From your Dolby.io dashboard you will need your RTMP publishing paths

  • From your Teradek Wave create event>device>configure your event
    Set your Channel Name
  • Server URL: RTMP: rtmp://live-rtmp-pub.millicast.com:1935/v2/pub/
  • Server URL: RTMPS: rtmps://live-rtmp-pub.millicast.com/v2/pub/
  • StreamName: kwayjfek?token=9d74883d694198da51e3be52631111111222222222233333

You can also adjust the additional settings on the Teredak Wave.

  • Recording Settings
  • Video Settings
  • Audio Settings

Teredak products that use RTMP can all be used with Dolby.io Real-time Streaming for professional real time streams.