To diagnose recording issues, such as missing recordings, review the details of the publishing settings, such as:

  • Protocol: RTMP, SRT, WebRTC, or WHIP
  • Encoder: Hardware and software type with version details
  • Settings: Bitrate, FPS, Resolution, or Simulcast setting
  • Network: Details about the network used. For example, a cellular connection may create issues with fluctuations in the network.

Troubleshooting dashboard recording errors

If the dashboard displays recording errors, contact the Dolby support team and specify as many of your publishing settings as possible.

Troubleshooting missing audio

When publishing streams using 5.1 audio format, the audio is present on the viewer live stream, but not preserved in the recording. Multi-channel audio is currently not preserved in the recording archive. The audio is only present in the recording archive if using stereo and mono formats. Multi-source stream audio is also affected if the URL is set to &videoOnly.