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How-to Improve Quality by Content Type

The Media Enhance API works well for a variety of content. By giving a hint about your application purpose and media characteristics, it can work even better. Set the content.type parameter when making a request and based on that value, the service will adjust multiple algorithm settings to suit the situation.

Musical Content

If your content contains both speech along with music then use podcast or voice_over as the content.type. Media Enhance will then enable music detection which automatically detects and preserves music segments

  "content": {
    "type": "podcast"

Studio Recordings

If you have a voice recording made in studio-like conditions, with a talker close to the microphone, then use the studio content.type to ensure speech artifacts are detected and corrected. For example, unwanted mouth clicks can be picked up by a close microphone, so click reduction is enabled for this content.type.

  "content": {
    "type": "studio"

Other Types

  • conference - speech content, microphone far from talker
  • interview - speech content, microphone close to talker
  • lecture - speech content, microphone far from talker, large room
  • meeting - speech content, microphone close to talker
  • mobile_phone - variable microphone location
  • music - musical rather than speech
  • podcast - mixture of close mic'd speech and some musical content
  • studio - close mic'd speech content with limited background noise
  • voice_over or voice_recording - close mic'd speech

See the /media/enhance API Reference for additional details.

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