Box User Guide

Enhance the sound quality of your audio and video content right inside Box. This guide will help you learn how to use within your Box account. If you want to learn how to setup the Box Integration, please see the Box Admin Guide.


Paid Accounts

This integration is only available to accounts on a paid plan with a credit card on file. See our Pricing page for more details and Contact Us for assistance.

Using on Box

This App requires your Box Enterprise Account to be linked with The Box Admin Guide has additional details on setting this up.

Select a file and right click to bring up the menu. Under integrations you will see two menu items:

  • Enhance with (auto)
  • Enhance with (custom)

With auto, processing will begin immediately and try to give you the best result. With custom you can provide some additional details such as the type of content to get something more tuned for your use case.

If these options don't appear, refer to the Box Admin Guide for setup and troubleshooting tips.


Enhance with

Enhance with (auto)

Choose Enhance with (auto) to automatically enhance your media. The file will start processing immediately.

You will see a green notification in your Box window to let you know the state of processing.

Enhance with (custom)

With custom you can choose an option that identifies the type of media you have so that you can get better results.


Choose type of content

These types help identify the relative size of a room, distance talkers might be from a microphone, and other characteristics to tune audio enhancement for the best results.

  • Conference - large room with distant microphone
  • Interview - medium room with near microphone
  • Lecture - large room with distant microphone
  • Meeting - medium room with near microphone
  • Mobile Phone - dialog in noisy conditions
  • Music - musical content without dialog present
  • Podcast - dialog with near microphone and some music
  • Studio - small room with close microphone and low noise
  • Voice Recording - medium room with near microphone
  • Other - automatic detection

Running Enhance

After clicking Enhance your media will begin processing.

You'll see a green notification in your Box window to let you know that the request is being processed. A second green notification will show when processing has begun.



Finally, a notification will let you know the file is ready and you can refresh the page to see it.

Processing Complete

The result will be written back to your Box folder in the same location with a name to indicate it is the Enhanced result. Processing happens in near real-time so a five minute file should take approximately five minutes to complete.

We will never overwrite your original file and the result will follow the naming pattern of "original filename (Dolbyio Enhanced)". If you miss the pop-up or don't see the new file, you may need to refresh the page to see changes.