Enhance API

Guide to Using the Media Enhance API

Media Enhance API

The Media Enhance API takes your media and enhances it by improving common audio quality issues. If you are building an application where users expect high quality sonic clarity, this API is a valuable integration for web and mobile applications.

Key features:

✓ Content tuning
✓ Noise reduction
✓ Speech leveling
✓ Speech isolation
✓ Loudness correction
✓ Sibilance reduction
✓ Plosive reduction
✓ Dynamic equalization
✓ Tone shaping
✓ Hum reduction
✓ Mouth click reduction

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Why use Media Enhance API?

Do you need to:

  • make your audio sound better without being an audio expert?
  • make listening easier by removing background noise and boosting speech?
  • improve speech quality by balancing tone and removing harshness?
  • conform your media to meet broadcasting platform recommendations and standards?

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