The Streaming APIs enable customer's application to stream the conference to a large number of viewers. Real-time Streaming and Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) are supported for live conferences. RTMP is used for streaming through a third-party service such as Youtube and Facebook.

The concept of Streaming is similar to Recording. The Communications API Mixer Service, using either default or customized layout, can stream to a destination based on the method chosen by the application. The customizable mixer layout app, has the flexibility to implement use case specific layouts. In other words, a customer can have different layouts for recording. It is not possible to stream a recorded conference.

For more information regarding the streaming format, refer to this page.

Real-time Streaming

Real-time Streaming allows a customer to stream conferences to up to 100k viewers over low latency WebRTC using Real-Time Streaming services (formerly Millicast). The Start Real-time Streaming REST API uses the mixer layout to broadcast a simulcast (multi-bitrate) transmission ensuring viewers receive the appropriate quality depending on their connection. The mixer renders the conference and sends a single stream; the bandwidth sent is approximately 2.5 Mbps. A few seconds after calling the API, you will be able to see the live stream starting using the hosted player from Real-time Streaming available at viewerURL, for example

You can use the Monitor API to retrieve a detailed summary of the streamed conference. The presenceDurationMinutes, mixerRtsStreaming, and rtsViewingDurationMinutes fields in this report can be used to calculate the cost. For more information, see Calculating Usage.

Note: The rtsViewingDurationMinutes field is not immediately available in the Monitor API report, and the reporting may be delayed up to 24 hours.

To be informed once the status of the real-time stream changes, your application can subscribe to the Stream.RTS.Status.Updated webhook event. When you receive this event, you can take action on what to do and what to present to your audience.