Auction Streaming


Live streaming has become an essential element in the auction industry. Whether you want to grow your audience and bids or create additional engagement in auctions, live streaming makes it possible. The pandemic accelerated the need for almost every auction to also be hosted live online. Online bidders expect a real time presence with sub-second live streams.

The Real-time Streaming solution makes it possible and very simple. Your event can scale to a massive audience. A single account has the ability to host real-time streams, each able to be viewed by a large audience. Bidders may demand a high-quality stream and Real-time Streaming can support 4K resolution. also has advanced features that allow better experiences in rural areas that may have limited bandwidth connectivity.

The following image is an example of using the viewer in an auction platform:


Simple Workflow

Experience Use Case

Real-time Streaming - Publisher and Viewer Sample Apps

  • Quickly stand-up a lightning fast, broadcast quality, real-time streaming desktop app with ultra low-latency (sub 500ms) with the Real-time Streaming Publisher and Viewer Sample Apps. Check out the Real-Time Streaming React App guide and reference code to create your own customizable React application or embed the solution into your existing product.
  • Learn more about the Real-time Streaming Publisher and Viewer Sample Apps features documented here.

Get Started

You can create a account here and use the following guide, learn how to broadcast in the dashboard to get a live stream started within a minute. Creating your account allows you to experience low-latency and the simplicity to publish and view a real-time stream with no coding.

Additional Features

  • Customizable embedded player.
  • Low network connectivity features:
  • Recording: Streams can be saved to your account as needed and enabled per token. Note: Recording is not available for free accounts.
  • Multi-Region Support: Global CDN for the best latency.
  • GEO-blocking: Limit where your stream can be viewed.
  • Multiview: Can be used for multiple camera angles or multiple codecs as needed.
  • Analytics: Usage can be viewed in your portal. The API can be used to parse data to your site.
  • APIs: Brand your own portal or integrate with your existing software.
  • Webhooks: Allows notification of events with your live streams.
  • SDKs: Create your own publisher and player that can be hosted in any website.

WebRTC is natively a secure streaming solution as encryption and additional security measures must be met. Additionally you have the ability to secure your live stream as needed. This allows site subscribers to securely view and bid on your stream, which can be enabled per stream or token. Geo-blocking can also be enabled to limit where a stream can be viewed. As with all streaming solutions, bandwidth limitations can create issues. Ensure your publishing devices are enabled with QoS (Quality of Service) on the network. This will allow a QoE(Quality of Experience) for you audience and important criteria for real-time streaming.


  • Demo of Global CDN support with latency under 500ms.
  • Simple Pricing. There is no hard cap on all paid account to ensure that live streams never stop. Plans can be upgraded or downgraded at any time.
  • Pricing Calculator
  • 99.99 Uptime viewable on the Status Page. Additional redundancy can be set up using multiple publishing gateways.
  • Global CDN support with latency under 500ms.
  • Unmatched support.
  • Broadcast Quality up to 4k.
  • HDR 10Bit with VP9 including 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, critical for color grading.
  • Adaptive BitRate
  • Multi Bitrate RTMP
  • Viewer synced playback.
  • Scaling to meet any audience up to 100k viewers.
  • Publish from your mobile devices or tablet.
  • No hardware needed. lets you use existing hardware or software. Contribution protocols include SRT, RTMP, WHIP, and WebRTC.
  • Playback support for most browsers and devices.
  • forked OBS client with WebRTC support.
  • Embeddable web player for easy development.

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